7 Best Ways to Transform your Physique in 2018


How many of you made a fitness resolution when 2018 begun? Almost everyone. How many people are still on to it? Only a handful of them. Hundreds of thousands of people face disappointment due to broken fitness resolutions, regardless of reasons.

Well, it’s never too late if you are willing to start again.

Some of the Most Effective Ways to Transform your Physique

Kick-start your New Year resolution again and follow these steps to make a real difference in your life.

Make Up your Mind

It all starts here! If your mind says no, your body will follow the same! Hence, make up your mind first that you really want to do it.

Any reason you put across for not being able to find an hour to achieve your fitness resolution is an excuse! As the fitness experts say- You can have excuses or results, not both! There is no way you can work on your physique if your mind is not ready to do so.

Find your Motivation

Motivation is must, you need a reason to go to the gym every day and lift weights. Do you want to look good and fit? Is winning a bodybuilding competition is your goal? Or you want to attract more girls with your muscular physique? No matter what the reason is, but at least one solid reason must be there.

Set Smart and Realistic Goals

You can’t achieve it overnight, you know it!

Set your goals that are realistic and smart. This way you can plan your exercise and diet and chase your dream of becoming a fit, healthy and handsome-looking guy. Especially those who want to lose weight make some unrealistic goals of reducing the impossible amount of weights in shorter duration.

Give yourself and your body some time and have patience, good things take time and efforts.

Make a Workout Schedule

Deciding the right workout schedule is a key to achieve your fitness resolution.

Discuss with your trainer about the schedule that can work effectively for your body according to your fitness goals. You can mix things up in the gym so that your workout routine does not become monotonous.

Plan Your Meals

100% in the gym and 200% outside the gym, this is how you can achieve your goals.

Give your 100% in the gym, do the best you can to reach your fitness goals. But, actual fitness is outside the gym, in your kitchen. If your goal is to build lean muscle mass, plan your diet accordingly. For those who want to cut some extra pounds off of their bodies, a different diet chart will be there.

Consult a dietitian about the same if you are not sure what diet is good for you.

Decide to Sleep Eight-hours-a-day

If you are a gym goer, you must, I mean you MUST buy eight hours from your busy schedule to enjoy a quality sleep. Your muscles will get (and they actually need) enough rest to recover from your today’s workout. Enough sleep will boost muscle recovery while providing you with better results.

Implement and Track Progress

Last but the toughest, now you have to implement each and every above-mentioned point in your daily routine.

So, there’s no need to wait and waste more of your precious time. Follow these steps from today so that you don’t have to face another broken fitness resolution.