If you want to succeed and achieve your bodybuilding goals, preparation is a necessity. And, the preparation to a successful and result-reflecting workout starts with your gym bag.

You can find a lot of people entering the gym with shorts and t-shirts and nothing much in their hand. This is a reflection of carelessness about fitness and you will surely see them giving halfhearted attempts while exercising.


Advice is free of cost in the fitness industry. Especially if you are a beginner, you will get hell lot of suggestions about your exercise, body type, and diet. But, not every advice is worth adopting. There are some half-truths (or complete lies) hidden behind these suggestions. Here in this piece of article, we will reveal some truths that are sure to make a difference.


Anything that is repeated so often is considered to be the truth, it is the harsh reality of fitness industry. Especially when we talk about health supplements, there are many misconceptions in people’s mind. Clear your doubts about health supplements here and don’t listen to people who oppose health supplements without in-depth knowledge.