Fitness Industry Lies you should Never Trust


Advice is free of cost in the fitness industry. Especially if you are a beginner, you will get hell lot of suggestions about your exercise, body type, and diet. But, not every advice is worth adopting. There are some half-truths (or complete lies) hidden behind these suggestions. Here in this piece of article, we will reveal some truths that are sure to make a difference.

Fitness Industry Lies you must Know

Here is a list of lies and you must have heard one or more if not all of them!

Lie: You Must Workout Everyday for Better Results

Truth: Your Muscles need Rest to Recover and Show Results

Why don’t you go to the gym regularly? Or you need hours of workout to get bigger and stronger. No! Building muscles is never a child’s play. Never be in a rush as it can prove to be harmful. If you workout for longer duration and don’t allow your muscles to rest and recover, it can lead to injuries in your muscle tissues.

Don’t focus on a single body part every day in the gym, at least 48 hours of rest is must. Better target different body parts on every single day of the week, it will also keep your exercise routine exciting. Quality sleep is must for muscle recovery, that’s when your muscles grow.

Lie: Low Fat Diet is Good for Weight-loss

Truth: Better Go the Low Carbs Diet

Here we need to discuss a little about calories.

You get four calories from a gram of the carb and protein. Whereas, the number is more than double- 9 calories you get when you opt for fat. Don’t agree with so-called fitness experts when they recommend you to go with low-fat.

Switching from low fat to low carb diet makes absolute sense. It is a fact that, protein is much better and highly satisfying nutrient than the carb, you will feel less hungry when protein intake will go up.

Lie: You need Crunches for Abs

Truth: You Already Own those Six-pack Abs

You don’t need to exercise until you fail to get your favorite six-packs. All you need to do is uncover them as they are hidden behind the layer of fat. Crunches work on your upper abs and leg raises do the job on your lower abs, doing both these exercise on alternate days can prove to be enough to provide you with better results.

Lie: Take Every Single Set to Failure

Truth: Neither Everyone can, Nor They Should

One more rep, one more, and one more rep, you will find almost everyone doing the same to the failure training in the gym. But, here we need to understand the fact that not all the body types or individuals or strengths are the same.

Pushing your limits in the gym must be limited until you don’t get injured. You can do it with the last set of your day though. Giving your 100% in the gym is a good thing, but eating more than you can chew can also be a trouble. Consult experienced fitness professional about your limits.


So, now when you are aware of these facts, better pass it on to those who are doing such mistakes in their workout or diet.