Skin Care Packs

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Get a combo pack that enhances your already chic look. This skin care pack includes Exoticeye Gel, Exoticeye Cream, and Silk for longer looking lashes. The gel and cream included in the pack gives you glowing skin, whereas Silk does the job of lengthening your eyelashes.

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Also, enhance the lenght of your eyelashes with Silk- Longer Looking Lashes.

Product Description

When you combine these products with a proper and skin-friendly diet, Exoticeye Gel and Exoticeye Cream are sure to benefit your skin and the confidence. These products reduce wrinkles and fine lines while moisturizing the skin.

The Exoticeye Gel and Cream are safe to use, but women with previous records of allergies or any skin related medical record can consult their dermatologist before using the products.


    • Eliminate Acne Problems
    • Prevent Photo-aging
    • Cleanse Damaged Skin
    • Deal with Irregular Pigmentation
    • Younger Looking and Brighter Skin

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