Top 10 Things to Carry in your Gym Bag


If you want to succeed and achieve your bodybuilding goals, preparation is a necessity. And, the preparation to a successful and result-reflecting workout starts with your gym bag.

You can find a lot of people entering the gym with shorts and t-shirts and nothing much in their hand. This is a reflection of carelessness about fitness and you will surely see them giving halfhearted attempts while exercising.

10 Must-have Things in your Gym Bag

Keep yourself well-prepared with these essentials in your gym bag.

Proper Clothing for Exercise

A workout is incomplete and irritating if you don’t enter with the right clothing. Keep them comfortable and make sure that you choose the right size according to your body.

A lot of people face trouble to lift weight or perform other exercises when they enter the gym with uncomfortable clothes.

A Towel

Your workout is a total waste if you come out without sweating. Especially those who want to cut extra pounds, workouts are incomplete and useless without sweating. You can’t allow your sweat to drop on the gym mat or on the bench press you use.

A towel will help you wipe your sweat with ease, feel fresh, and keep yourself focused on your workout.


A shaker with your favorite protein supplement is must have in your gym bag. Once you are done with your workout, your muscles need protein and essential amino acids to repair.

Muscle building and repair starts when you consume proper diet post workout. This is the reason why you must carry a good quality shaker with you.

Suitable Pair of Shoes

The type of shoes needed for the gym and exercise are different from what you wear at work or at home. Be careful while choosing the shoes for gym, make sure they are light in weight and more importantly, comfortable to wear.

Wrong selection of shoes can lead to discomfort during the workout and can lead to ankle injuries.

A Workout Log

Tracking your workout is must to get better results. A workout log is a great way to know how many reps you are doing, and how much weigh you are lifting.

Once you start tracking your workouts, it will become easier to understand how you can push yourself. In addition, it will allow you to know if you are doing the same things time and again.

A Timer

How about keeping a real-time tab on your workout and progress? It’s always a great feeling when you know you are progressing and doing things in a proper way.

You can go for gadgets like fitness band to track your progress. Today’s fitness bands are smart enough to count your heartbeats that you can use during cardio sessions or lifting sessions.

Water Bottle

Keeping yourself hydrated is very important during workouts. In between the sets, you are sure to feel thirsty. So, better carry your own water bottle when you need a few sips.

Also, you can mix it up with lemon or your protein to keep yourself going in the gym.

Pain Relieving Sprays

Of course, pain is essential to enhance your gains, but you do not need to endure that pain for a longer duration.

Cramps can hit you anytime when you stretch yourself or lift heavy weights, so these sprays can keep you prepared to deal with pain.


Sweat in the gym is a good thing, but smelling is not. It will make you (and people around you) feel very uncomfortable. Having a deodorant in your gym bag can get the job done.

So, whenever you feel you are smelling bad, you can make yourself feel fresh within seconds.


It is for people who want to listen their own kind of music. Though music is a part of every gym today, still if you want your own playlist, go with a high-quality headphone and enjoy your workout to the fullest.