Top 6 Myths about Health Supplements


Anything that is repeated so often is considered to be the truth, it is the harsh reality of fitness industry. Especially when we talk about health supplements, there are many misconceptions in people’s mind. Clear your doubts about health supplements here and don’t listen to people who oppose health supplements without in-depth knowledge.

Why are Supplements called supplements?

Let’s keep it simple. Protein is the basic need of your body. When your daily diet fails to fulfill your body’s need for protein and other essential nutrients, protein shakes work as a supplement, that’s why they are called supplements. So, when you exercise regularly, your body’s need for protein increases and hence, supplements become a necessity to fuel your body.

Myths about Health and Protein Supplements

Let’s separate some myths and facts, here is a list that can change your opinion on supplements.

Supplements Lead to Aggression (Anti-social Behavior)

No! Ask those muscle seekers and gym goers how it feels when your efforts translate into results. That’s what gives you the more confidence than people living a monotonous and sedentary lifestyle.

Mostly, people mix confidence with aggression, and both are completely different cases.

Protein Supplement can Build Muscles without Exercise

Bodybuilding is the process of breaking, repairing, and building your muscles until it takes the desired shape and size. Protein supplements help muscles to recover fast and develop and that’s what gives you broad shoulders, a ‘V’ shape and bigger biceps.

Intake of protein supplement without workout can help you stay energetic, but it will never help you achieve your fitness goals without exercise.

Health Supplements are only for Bodybuilders

Health supplements are for everybody. No doubt, they help bodybuilders more as it serves the purpose of bodybuilding. But, even sportsmen and athletes can reap benefits with these supplements.

Sports-persons also need some additional protein intake to support their performance on the field. Supplements can strengthen the bones and muscles, prevent injuries and keep you full of energy.

Protein Supplements Damage your Kidney

Crystal-forming substances in the urine lead to kidney stones. People with good health have never complain about protein supplements causing them kidney stones. It can be due to obesity, family history or lack of balanced nutrition.

Extra water intake and fiber-rich diet can help your body to absorb protein from supplements. Choose a high-quality supplement that absorbs properly. Follow the usage instruction and never overdo the supplement.

Too much Protein Makes Women Bulky

There is no way women can beef up while consuming health supplement. Women have a lower level of testosterone as compared to men and hence, most of the problems are already resolved.

For women, firmer and leaner muscles are what supplements help in the development of.

Cooking it will Denature it

Protein intake is never limited to smoothies or shakes. A lot of people mistakenly believe that protein denature when cooked.

Protein contents remain the same when you cook. So, you have all the freedom to mix things up in the kitchen.

Take Home Message

Protein supplements are for your benefits and all you need is to consume it as directed or suggested by a dietitian. Don’t trust on myths and get in-depth details prior reaching any decision.